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If you have been looking for an opportunity to coach Special Olympics Athletes, start the process by becoming a certified coach.  Familiarize yourself with Steps for Becoming and Staying a Certified Coach.

Steps for Becoming A Coach
  • Complete a SOPA Volunteer Application and Class A Background Checks (for 18 and over).

  • General Orientation – Click here for Online Training. This is a general introduction to Special Olympics and any new volunteer or coach should take this training prior to working with athletes.
  • Protective Behaviors – Online Training that must now be completed every three years.  Available by clicking here, this training must be completed by all new and existing Class A volunteers (16 years of age and older) prior to working with Special Olympics athletes.
  • Concussion Training - Online Training that must now be completed every three years. This training must be completed by all new and existing Coaches prior to working with Special Olympics athletes.  
  • New Coach (skills) - Specific to your Sport Training Schools. Sports Training Application*Please note: There is no online training available for new coaches.
  • Coaching Special Olympics Athletes- this course is an overview of four components: athlete, coach, training and competition.  If you are a new coach with sport experience you are encouraged to take this course instead of a basic Skills Course.  Pre-approval is required. Track 2 Application
  • Continuing Education Training - this training is for certified coaches.  Coaches must receive continuing education training every 3 years to maintain their certification.  Without this training coach certification expires which means the coach would need to take the new coach skills course over again.  For a complete list of courses which will meet the Continuing Education requirement of the SOPA Coach Education Program, please click here. To submit for continuing education, download the Continuing Education Training Application.
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