Cities of Inclusion


Special Olympics Pennsylvania Cities of Inclusion

The Cities of Inclusion project is focused on taking a comprehensive citywide approach in our goal to ensure the large cities in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and York are cities where people with disabilities can lead healthy and fulfilling lives as respected members of an inclusive society.

A City of Inclusion is a city where people with disabilities lead healthy and fulfilling lives as respected members of an inclusive society. These cities offer attitudes that value everyone and social inclusion that ensures people of all abilities are involved in their communities, able to effectively pursue opportunities and contribute, safely express themselves, and exercise their rights. These cities provide access and opportunities for everyone to take part in employment, education, health, housing, recreation, and information & services at levels equal to all citizens.

To be recognized as a City of Inclusion, a city must demonstrate commitment to inclusion by making actionable yearly progress towards the standards outlined below.

City of Inclusion Standards
We will know that Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and York have become inclusive cities when:

  • A person with a disability feels and says they are included
  • A caregiver or family member of a person with disability feels they are included
  • The businesses, civic organizations and ALL communities in a city are inclusive
  • Organizations explicitly include disability as part of their broader DEI initiatives
  • City leaders explicitly incorporate disability inclusion into their broader policy goals and through public statements and commitments