Training and Progression Plan

Are You A Bronze, Silver or Gold Level Coach?

We want to challenge our coaches; both new and seasoned members of our team. The SOPA Coach Training and Progression Plan will guide coaches through our education system and provide them the opportunity for additional education and new skills.

The journey begins with the basics in the Certified Coach Level. In these level, coaches complete three basic trainings: Protective Behaviors, General Orientation, and Concussion Training followed by completing the skills training of their chosen sport. 

The Bronze Level provides the next level of training. This includes the course Coaching Special Olympics Athletes  and including fitness exercises and education within athlete training sessions.

The Silver Level will build upon the Bronze level and include the Principles of Coaching and Coaching Unified Sports  courses as well as athlete goal setting and year round training. The Gold Level will build upon the Silver level and the coach will learn advanced tactics for their sport of choice and work with their athletes on tracking and achieving their personal best performance goals.

View our Coach Recognition Levels flyer for more information.

Once you complete a level you must submit the Sports Training Application for Coaches Progression to When reviewed you will be notified that you have completed that level and are ready to begin the requirements for the next level.

For more information contact Jennifer Tresp, Training & Unified Sports Director at