Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are essential to Special Olympics Pennsylvania! We could not exist without the dedication of thousands of volunteers. There is a place for everyone in our organization, and your commitment can range from an afternoon to a lifetime.

For more information, please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page.


What kinds of volunteer roles are there?

Special Olympics Pennsylvania has two different classifications of volunteers.

Class A: A Class A volunteer is someone who is or may be in immediate contact with athletes, or someone who may handle confidential/sensitive paperwork. Examples of Class A volunteers are coaches, assistant coaches, chaperones and administrative support. Class A volunteers are required to complete a background check and volunteer trainings prior to starting.

Class B: A Class B volunteer is someone with casual or limited contact with athletes, such as one-day event volunteers. For an event guide for one-day volunteers, follow this link. For a Class B Volunteers Brochure, follow this link.

Please visit our volunteer opportunities page to learn more!


Do you have any other questions about volunteering? Please reach out to your local program manager or contact us at!