Athlete Performance Training Reminder

The health and fitness of our Special Olympics Pennsylvania (SOPA) athletes is an organizational priority. We’re committed to working alongside you to help our athletes become healthier, more fit and live longer lives. Athlete Performance Training is designed to elevate the health and fitness levels of athletes and improve their sports outcomes. Athlete Performance Training consists of a combination of coach-facilitated sports practices and at-home fitness programs.

COVID-19 Coordinators, when completing their “Site Registration” Form via Google Forms, are asked if they are interested in participating in Athlete Performance Training.  COVID-19 Coordinators can express interest on behalf of their coach or a coach can visit the Online Portal to complete the necessary online training. The training video is only about 20 minutes long and simple to complete. Once the training is completed SOPA will be notified and we will contact coaches with further details on materials and next steps. Any further questions, please contact Charla Stein, Healthy Communities Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 610-630-9450 ext. 254.