September has been a phenomenal month for the Greater Lehigh Valley Pocono Region, with goodwill being driven further than any golf ball at Team Schuylkill's two golf tournaments!

We would like to express our heartiest appreciation and extend a resounding round of applause to all the participants, sponsors, and volunteers who came together to stand with us in support of the amazing athletes of Team Schuylkill at either or both the Seltzer Group's Golf Outing or the Team Skook Golf Tournament! Together, we managed to steer the course towards inclusivity and understanding.

Here's a snapshot of our journey:

Heartfelt Laughter: Golfers sharing celebrations and laughter, reminding us of the boundless joy that sports can bring!

Remarkable Talent: Our athletes, volunteers, sponsors, and supporters showcasing their incredible skills and determination, modeling the essence of bravery and sportsmanship!

Generous Contributions: The open hearts and generosity of dozens of contributors and sponsors whose support has fortified our mission and paved the way for bright futures!

Rain and Shine: Came rain or shine, participants stayed and played with unbeatable spirit, proving that together, we can weather anything!

The Seltzer Group: Through their staunch support and unwavering belief in our mission, The Seltzer Group has played an integral role in the success of our golf tournaments. Their commitment to fostering inclusivity and empowering our athletes goes beyond mere words. By hosting their annual Golf Outing, they provide access to annual sports, to leadership opportunities, to healthcare professionals, and to local involvement. To the Seltzer Group, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your support is shaping a brighter, more inclusive future, one swing at a time. Thank you for being a pillar of strength and a beacon of generosity in our community.

We look forward to cultivating more moments of triumph with the unparalleled Team Schuylkill community, as we continue to champion the rights and dreams of our athletes.

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