Walking Clubs

What is a Walking Club?

Walking Clubs are an in-season and/or off-season fitness program that take place over an 8+ week period. It's led by a trained athlete leader called a Health & Fitness Coordinator with support from their Mentor and/or a Community Partner. Athletes, athletes' families and Unified partners can all participate. Clubs meet routinely to walk together or partake in an alternative fitness activities. Walking clubs can be held at a park, school or the local mall.

Site Registration Form

Walking clubs are like a sport activity. A site registration form must be filled out prior to the start of the season.


Once the site registration form is completed, athletes and volunteers will be able to register themselves to participate.

Athletes can see where walking clubs are happening by going to the sports sign up tab. Just like any other sport, if a walking club is not taking place in their county/region, they may sign up for one in a nearby county/region!

All participating in athletes, regardless if they’re currently participating in a sport, must have a valid medical on file and the 4:1 ratio must be maintained. For anyone that’s not currently an athlete, but is eligible to become one, may also participate! To learn how to become one, please visit the Become an Athlete tab!

Family members/caregivers are encouraged to become Class A volunteers to allow more athletes to participate! To learn how to become one, please visit the Become a Volunteer tab!

Rosters and Tracking

At the conclusion of registration, each Health and Fitness Coordinator and Mentor will be given a roster. The purpose of the roster is to keep track of athletes and volunteers who attend walking clubs each week.


To learn more about walking clubs and the role of a Health and Fitness Coordinator, please visit the Athlete Leadership tab and/or contact Jordan Schubert at