Athlete Performance Training

What is Athlete Performance Training?

Athlete Performance Training is an in-season fitness program. Health education and fitness evaluations are embedded into sports practice for eight weeks. Athlete Performance Training happens on the field of play whether that be a soccer field, bowling alley or swimming pool. Athlete Performance Training consists of a combination of coach-facilitated sports practices, health education and at-home fitness program.

As a coach, you can enhance athletes’ sports performance and improve health and overall quality of life by offering Athlete Performance Training.


If you're a coach...


Complete the Training

If you are ready to begin your Athlete Performance Training journey, follow the link to the training video.


Once you complete the training video click the button below to register your team to participate in Athlete Performance Training.

You're Ready!

Your materials will be mailed to you and you will be provided your teams personalized tracking sheet to record athlete fitness evaluations. One of the many benefits is following the completion of Athlete Performance Training Tracking, you will be eligible for the Athlete Performance Training component of the Bronze Level Coaches Training and Progression Plan.

Ready to Start?

If you are looking to volunteer or learn more, please reach out to Charla Stein, Healthy Communities Coordinator, 610-630-9450 ext. 254.

If you are a Trainer: We’re looking for professionals such as Athletic Trainers, Physical therapists, Nurses as well as students in the fitness and medical fields to help support Athlete Performance Training Your role would be to support an 8-week program that includes leading fitness evaluations at the start and end of the sports season. Weekly commitment may vary based on trainers' availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Minimally 8 weeks of training are required to fully complete APT. 10-15 minutes of time is necessary each week for lesson and goal setting. However additional time will also be required to set aside during week 1 and week 8 in order to complete the 6-Minute Run/Walk Test and gather any other health metrics.