Cool Schools Rain Rally


The Cool Schools Rain Rally is hosted by a school or university and held on campus or a nearby community site. Most often, the local fire department generously provides support.   One or more fire engines are brought to create a rainbow shower of water through which students, teachers, and administrators go through with spirit! While using fire engines is the most popular, you can be creative in how you conduct your own fun and safe event.

  1. Commit to “Freezin’ for a Reason”: Students come out to a parking lot or large grass area and run, walk, dance or skip through a ‘rainbow water shower’ created from a fire engine
  2. Enhance the atmosphere: Play music and incorporate other elements to add to the spirit and enthusiasm of the event.
  3. Fundraise: Special Olympics Pennsylvania sets up a Rain Rally fundraising site through Classy for students to use to register and activate their networks. Funds raised will support Special Olympics Pennsylvania’s Unified Champion Schools program.
  4. Incentivize it! Participants who raise a minimum of $40 receive a Rain Rally tee shirt
  5. Inspire a Competition: Like other viral fundraising challenges, the students can challenge students from rival schools, as well as others throughout the state.

We encourage schools and colleges to select their own schedule and design a “Cool Schools Rain Rally Event” in their vision.

An Important Caution: Be smart, be safe, and be careful – for you and all who join you in your Rain Rally activity. Please follow all safety and COVID-19 protocols. Have fun with it; but above all, BE SAFE.