Cool Schools Polar Pop


Take the “Polar Pop” Challenge and participate from the comfort of your school or campus. It’s a great way to participate virtually and still raise funds for Special Olympics.


  • Choose a Team Captain: A teacher, coach, advisor or other faculty member
  • Gather Your Team: Your in-school team can include classmates, teachers, friends, or family members
  • Pick a team name
  • Register your team as “Virtual Polar Poppers”
  • Pick a day and assemble your team at-school or on-campus (have a photographer ready!)
  • Then… 1-2-3 POP cold water balloons over your heads to show how you’re #FreezinForAReason for Special Olympics

Is your “Cool Schools” team participating virtually? Here’s an idea… Do an in-school challenge between sports teams or clubs within your school. See which team can raise the most money for Special Olympics and win the ultimate prize… BRAGGING RIGHTS!

If your “Cool Schools” team plans on participating virtually, please contact Mike Bovino, at