Whole School Engagement

Whole School Engagement is the activities that the Unified Youth Committee within the schools conduct throughout the school year. The goal is for year-long engagement. Schools will strive to conduct at least 3 initiatives during the school year that create awareness, promote inclusion and encourage respect of all individuals. There are many options, here are two popular ones:

  • The “Spread the Word Inclusion” Campaign
    • The Spread the Word Inclusion Campaign inspires respect and acceptance by advocating for inclusive words and actions to end the discrimination of individuals with intellectual disabilities. The Campaign is intended to engage schools, organizations and communities to promote and pledge their support of inclusion.

  • Fans in the Stands
    • Students organize a pep rally (or add on to an existing rally) designed to draw attention to an upcoming Interscholastic Unified Sports competition hosted by their high school.

For more information about Whole School Engagement, please contact Ashley Herr, Eastern Unified Champion Schools Manager at