Frequently Asked Questions



Not sure how to participate in the Virtual Games?  Take a look at our brief "2020 Virtual Summer Games Webinar" that will walk you through the process step by step!

Who can compete?

Anyone who is a currently registered SOPA athlete, young athlete, or Unified Partner.

If I don't normally participate in summer sports, can I participate?
How can I compete if I don't have internet/computer access?
What are the Virtual Summer Games?
What is the timeline for the challenges?
Can I prepare for the challenges?
Does my coach need to know that I’m competing?
Do I need to fill out paperwork to participate?
How many events may I participate in?
Do I have to select three events in the same sport category?
May I make adaptations / adjustments to a challenge?
Will I be disqualified if I don’t follow the activities guide exactly?
What scores do I need to record and submit?
How do I submit my results?
How accurately must results be recorded?
How do I share my training videos or encouraging messages?
Will I get an award?
How will our virtual success be celebrated?
What if I do not want to compete in any of the challenges?
Will volunteers be included in Virtual Summer Games?
How accurately must results be recorded?
I need help or I have questions!

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