Celebrate Your Success


Once participants practiced, competed and submitted their results, the Special Olympics Pennsylvania community from across the state joined together to celebrate! All athletes, young athletes/partners, Unified partners, coaches, family members, volunteers and fans were invited to come together virtually to celebrate everyone’s successes and wins through a series of virtual events from June 12 – 14, 2020.

Hear encouraging messages from some familiar faces, see highlights from the virtual season, find out who won each activity, and more!

    Celebrate With Us on Facebook!

All of the events were streamed on our Facebook page and accessible on our other social media platforms, like YouTube, as well!  You do not need a Facebook account to tune in.



The Sheetz Family Award of Excellence was created to capture the great sporting moments that distinguish our athletes at the Summer Games. The award recognizes the athlete whose determination and effort can only be understood by the power of the human spirit to overcome obstacles and inspire greatness. The award distinguishes the athlete who may not win, but whose courage, sportsmanship, effort and determination is award winning. During Virtual Summer Games, the Sheetz Award also recognized the athlete who has exhibited kindness, compassion, and strength towards their fellow athletes in this time of uncertainty.

Congratulations to Lisa Robinson from Chester County who was named this year's Sheetz Family Award of Excellence award recipient.