Leadership Conference





9:00-12:00pm                  Leadership Conference Registration

11:45-12:30pm               Welcome

12:35-1:15pm                  Lunch

1:30-5:00pm                    SOPA Strategic Planning

6:00-6:30pm                    Social time

6:30-8:00pm                    Banquet – Leadership & Hall Of Fame Awards

8:00-9:00pm                    After-dinner activity – Bingo


7:00-7:30am                     Group Exercise Opportunity

7:30-8:30am                     Breakfast

8:45-10:00am                  Sunday - Session 1

                                       Finance - Department Q&A

                                                    Marketing - Department Q&A

                                                    Development - Department Q&A

                                                    Training - Department Q&A

                                                    Competition - Department Q&A

                                                    Athlete Leadership – Looking beyond 2020 – Room 1

10:15-11:45am             Sunday – Session 2

                                                    Manager – Fireside Chat

                                                    Fundraising – A rising tide

                                                    Working with Athletes who present challenges

                                                    Athlete Achievement

                                                    New Athlete Registration Forms

                                                    Social Media 101 (& a little 102)

12:00-1:00pm              Closing Session: Strategic Plan report out

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Thank you! - If you have any questions please email – Carolyn Kushner at ckushner@specialolympicspa.org

Dear Program Managers,

The 2019 Special Olympics Pennsylvania (SOPA) Leadership Conference will be held from Saturday, August 17 - Sunday, August 18 at The Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center in State College.  We are very excited to back at this beautiful location once again! The Leadership Conference committee is hard a work planning many amazing sessions and activities for the weekend.

Please take time at your May Management Team meeting to discuss who in you program will be able to attend and make your reservation as soon as possible.

Program Hotel Reservation: Hotel Rate - $124.00 per room

Leadership Conference 2019 registration and hotel reservation are open as of now & we are using the same process as last year.

  • Hotel rooms are to be made by one member of the Program Management Team for all conference attendees. This assures that the Program Management has agreed to the individuals attending the conference.
  • Please call 1-800-233-7505 and ask for PA Special Olympic Leadership Conference or the GROUP CODE – PSOL19B
  • Caller should give all program attendees first and last name with room needs
  • Please use the managers (or a designee) email for contact information with the hotel.
  • Be sure to tell the reservationist what program you are from, so SOPA can send you conference details.
  • Reservations must be made by July 15th to be sure rooms are available.
  • Any changes or cancellations must be made 72 hours prior to arrival to not be charge for a full stay.
  • If changes or cancellations are not made and there is a “no show”, programs will be responsible for the room charge.
  • Payment will be made to the hotel from the programs at check-out.
  • SOPA will not bill out to the programs as per previous years.
  • Please use your SOPA issued program credit card to manage the charges
  • If you program does not have a SOPA credit card and would like to receive one please contact - Roberta Melnyk, Local Programs Staff Accountant - rmelnyk@specialolympicspa.org

Athlete Attendees

Any athlete who is attending Leadership Conference is expected to strictly adhere to Special Olympics Pennsylvania’s Housing Policy. For more information, you can refer to: http://specialolympicspa.org/images/site_pages/SOPA_HOUSING_POLICY_-_APPROVED_Feb_23_2013.pdf

No Hotel Stay

If you are not planning on staying overnight at The Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center, please contact Carolyn at ckushner@specialolympicspa.org directly.

Early Conference Arrival

We welcome anyone to come into town early to spend time in area as the summer comes to a close. Information on other fun activities can be found at: http://www.visitpennstate.org/member/centre-countypenn-state-visitor-center/

  • SOPA will have NO formal events or meals on Friday the 16th unless you are a part of New Manager Training or Athlete University

Program Conference Reservation:

The conference registration is directing all programs to register & pay for their conference directly with our fundraising software “CLASSY”.

  • Payment will be made for conference registration from the programs when you click “check-out” in the registration program.
    • Full Conference - $120.00
    • Saturday only - $75
    • Banquet only - $40
    • Sunday only - $45
  • SOPA will not bill out to the programs as per previous years.
  • Please use your SOPA issued program credit card or a personal credit card to manage the charges
  • Programs may have 1 person register everyone at once or send the link to each person but payment must be made before registration is complete
  • We are not asking any programs to make a donation to SOPA while registering please ignore the “make a donation” page on the web site

Please follow this link – https://give.classy.org/SOPALeadershipConference2019

  • Click on “GET TICKETS
  • Select (+) how many people you are registering for each ticket
  • Skip – “Add a donation” page
  • Answer each question for each “attendee” you are registering
  • Please have credit card information available at time of registration
  • Please note – Credentials are pulled from this list (spelling & positions)

Contact Carolyn with any questions. Cancellations will be honored until August 9, 2019.