2024 Unified Bocce State Champs: Peters Township!

Let us introduce to you the 2024 PIAA Interscholastic Unified Bocce State Champions... Peters Township High School! 🏆🥇

Wyatt Johnston, Mark Ripepi, Reston Lehman, Sofia Ellison, Parker Mamula and their coaches decided that THIS was the year they would bring a Unified bocce team to life at Peters Township. Since November, this five-member team has competed, practiced, strategized and bonded. Because of their relentless determination, they made it all the way to Hershey.

For their first-ever season, it started off rocky. But after time spent together, trust became a priority. Congratulations to Peters Township on their championship WIN!

Bocce isn't just a game where you roll a ball on a court. It takes precision. Exact placement. Patience. Each team at this year's state competition brought these qualities to the court. Special Olympics Pennsylvania is endlessly grateful for the place Unified sports holds in schools around the state. Schools are kinder and eager to embrace inclusivity.

Congratulations to all eight Unified bocce teams who competed this year! What a season.

State Bracket 2 1