Support the My Pepper Challenge

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Help us to bring Volleyball Peppering to Special Olympics athletes everywhere. Your donation will help to support Special Olympics Volleyball programs in local communities around the country.


What is Volleyball Peppering?

Peppering is a drill in volleyball where the ball is hit/bumped back and forth among teammates, but without the net in the middle. Typically, two players take turns playing the ball while trying to keep the rally going without losing control.

Our goal is to promote the game of Pepper as a way to learn physical flexibility, strength, fluidity, and stamina while promoting healthy movement. Pepper is accessible to anyone, anywhere. All it takes to get you moving is a ball and a wall.

Dale Fallon, a volunteer and friend of Special Olympics, will be “peppering” with as many people as possible over the coming months with the goal to inspire others to share his pepper sessions and help raise awareness and money for local Special Olympics programs. The desire is to reach 1MM hits and raise 1MM bucks.

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