Diversity & Inclusion Town Hall: Equity & Access to Sports for Black Americans

Town Hall Image

February’s Diversity and Inclusion Town Hall webinar highlighted the ongoing work to promote equity and access to sports for Black Americans and included stories about those who aspired to challenge the barriers and assumptions about their sports participation. Special panel guests included  co-founder of the Black Women in Sport Foundation, Dr. Alpha Alexander; Special Olympics Chief Inspiration Officer Loretta Claiborne; members of the Black Women in Sport Foundation; and Area M athlete Jesse Rohrer.

"It was a double-edged sword. Not only being a Black woman, but being a Black woman with an intellectual disability. That kind of cut me away from the sport... But I still ran on the team."

-- Loretta Claiborne


We strongly invite and encourage you to view the entire webinar by following this link (https://youtu.be/l5Gyh4JKhvE).