Frequently Asked Questions – November 2017


It's November already, and what better time is there than now to say thanks to all of our dedicated Special Olympics Pennsylvania volunteers and contributors.  Without our volunteers and contributors, the mission of Special Olympics would not be possible.


The Field Department has received over time Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s). Beginning this month, these questions will be addressed along with links to the SOPA website for forms and additional information.

1. Third party contract/agreement, what to do and who can sign?

These agreements or contracts include lease, facility use, fundraising events, coach/bus transportation agreements, etc. needed for training/competition sites and events for Special Olympics Programs within the state of Pennsylvania. The only person who can sign these documents is Matt Aaron, President and CEO.

The procedure and processing is detailed in a 2 page handout that is available through the Field Directors. It has a number of steps all designed to provide a fast and accurate method to obtain the documentation and compliance required by both the Third Party, Special Olympics and our insurance carrier American Specialty.   Below is an outline of the steps needed to obtain a signed agreement.

  • Obtain the agreement from the 3rd Party as far in advance of the event or start date as possible.
  • Send the agreement for review, if the agreement has a “hold harmless” or “coinsured” statements in the document send along a request for a Certificate of Insurance (COI), to American Specialty, attn: Rene Waterson.
  • When the COI is returned or the statement (email) from American Specialty approving the agreement arrives, forward both to your Field Director.
  • The Field Director will review the documents for completeness and accuracy.
  • The Field Director will forward the documents to the Office Manager for submission to the President.
  • Once signed, the Field Director will email the documents back to the designated Program representative or mail (USPS) if required by the 3rd

2. The third party does not require a signed agreement the only requirement is a Certificate of Insurance (COI) or proof of insurance. Where do I obtain a COI?

American Specialties issues an overall Certificate of Insurance usually in December for the coming year. This COI is available on the SOPA website, link below.

Again your Field Director has all the necessary information and will be happy to assist you in completing this important function of managing Special Olympics Programs.

3. What is a small game of chance license and how to obtain a small games of chance licenses?

The information below was obtained from a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's website. As you will read, the Commonwealth requires that all eligible organizations (and Special Olympics would be considered an eligible organization) are to obtain small games of chance licenses when conducting fundraising games. The licensing authority is the County Treasurer in all of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania. Two types of regular licenses are available: monthly with a fee of $25 or annually for a fee of $125.

If you have any questions or require assistance with obtaining a small games of chance license please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the Finance Department.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Crimes Code provides that all forms of gambling are illegal unless the Pennsylvania Legislature specifically authorizes the gambling activity by statute.

Licensed eligible organizations are authorized to conduct the following games of chance:

  • Pull-tab games
  • Punchboards
  • Raffles (including special permit raffles)
  • Daily drawings
  • Weekly drawings
  • Fifty-fifty (50/50) drawings
  • Race Night Games
  • Pools, excluding sports pools

Licensing Authorities – The licensing authorities for club licensees and eligible organizations seeking to offer small games of chance are the county treasurers in each of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.

Two Licenses can be obtained:

An Annual License the term runs for a calendar year from the date of issuance. The fee for an annual license is $125.

A Monthly License is valid for 30 consecutive days from the date of issuance. There is no restriction on the number of monthly licenses an eligible organization may obtain, but the licenses may not overlap. The fee for a monthly license is $25.