News from the Field Department - February 2020

Spring is right around the corner. Planning now will help set you up for a successful spring competition season.

  • Training Coordinators should inventory medals, uniforms and equipment to be sure you have everything you need for a successful season.
  • Check with your Training Coordinator to be sure that you have all of your coaches and volunteers lined up for every practice and for any competition.
  • Let your Volunteer Coordinator know if you need to recruit more volunteers.
  • Sport and Competition Coordinator should schedule coaches meeting to make sure coaches are familiar with policies, new rules and know reporting procedures if there is misconduct or an accident.
  • Ensure that ALL athletes have CURRENT medicals.
  • Be sure you have a commitment to attend Invitationals, Sectionals and State Games from your coaches AND athletes if your athletes are chosen.
  • Training Coordinator should make sure coaches are accurately tracking attendance
  • Sports and Competition Coordinator should make sure coaches know the deadlines for registration.
  • Certified Coach Rule (2020 update): Must fulfill these requirements at Trainings and Competitions. 1 certified coach for every 25 athletes, 1 certified coach for every sports team, 1 certified coach for Skills athletes
  • Venue selection: Start indoor training for outdoor sports. Teams in Athletics and Softball have difficulty getting enough training before their Sectional because of the weather. (If Potter County can find indoor training, then I believe anyone can!) Reminder that all Training Coordinators should be submitting venue forms to their Manager for contract procedures. Reminder to Managers that John should be reviewing all contracts, especially if they are unsure if it needs signed.

Our summer sports season can get very busy in a hurry - so now is the time to be prepared and start planning.

As always, your Field Director is here to help with anything you need and to answer any questions you have. Please reach out to us!

Your Field Staff