News from the Field Department - August 2019

Summer is headed for an end and the fall is before us. The month of August provides many opportunities!

Of course, the Field staff is looking forward to seeing everyone at the Annual Leadership Conference on the 17th and 18th at State College. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to meet fellow volunteer leaders, learn some new and exciting updates for the State program, and to voice your thoughts on the next Strategic Plan for Special Olympics Pennsylvania. This event is designed for you.

August is a time just before school starts and the right time to check on your school ISPs and IEPs. Know the value of your program for each person with ID and how school systems can use Special Olympics to meet and exceed those social and instructional goals. Get the word out!

Making sure your Group Home contacts are renewed and updated now is also a top August activity. Let them know the Fall sports schedule and any Fall social activities you have planned.

As children head away to college – some parents find themselves as empty nesters. They can find new value and importance by volunteering to help coach or manage on your team! Reaching out to them is difficult, but well worth it!

Speaking of students heading off to college – if your program is blessed to have a college or university in your area, make sure you connect to the students in some way. Often colleges have fall activity fairs to help students decide where they will get involved, send a Global Messenger and some volunteer flyers and make connections. Visit the campus and see about speaking to clubs and organizations at their first few meetings. Criminal Justice clubs are great associations, as are any special education or sports clubs.

If you need help with one or more of these ideas be sure to contact your Field Director – we love to help!