Marketing and Communications Resources

This is simply a reminder that marketing and communications resources are readily available via our SOPA website. As a refresher, please review the following PowerPoint slides that demonstrate how these resources can be found, what the resources are, and how to stay well informed.

A couple resources that are new to date are:

  • NEW! Organization “Snapshot” Documents/Facts Sheets
  • NEW! Press Release Templates
  • NEW! Media Contact List... And More!

Visit the following Dropbox link to find more resources.

Additionally, we will be holding a brief call for PR Coordinators and/or those who assume public relations/marketing/communications roles. Please join us on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 7 p.m. Our goal is to briefly discuss the kinds of webinars, topics, or materials that you would like for us to offer.

Conference Call           

7:00 PM


PIN 41860