How to Volunteer While You Remain Self-Quarantined

Special Olympics programs count on volunteers and other forms of community support to function. So what happens when an entire community has been told to stay home? Adapting to social distancing and staying involved has been a steep learning curve for all of us. How can volunteers stay involved with programs and athletes while keeping everyone’s safety in mind?

Stay connected

It sounds easy but can be challenging to keep social media up to date with content when there is not much happening in your program. Utilize the formatting from SOPA platforms for a guide, also lean on others on your team to provide ideas and fun “takeovers” of accounts. By sharing on Facebook, retweeting on Twitter, or forwarding a newsletter, you quickly amplify their message and expand their audience.

Plan ahead

Take time now to actively recruit for volunteers, so when the virus subsides and we get back to work, volunteers will be ready to help you ramp back up. It’s also a good time for current volunteers to step up as mentors. Have them reach out and talk with new or prospective volunteers about what you do, why you do it, and then help train or guide them.

Help a neighbor

How many programs depend on the support from small and local businesses to donate money or goods to your events. Promote those businesses to your families and ask them to “return the favor” – once we are up and running these partnerships will be vital for a strong future for the whole community. 

Share some joy

This is such a difficult time for our spring athletes and families with no practices or competitions, encourage coaches to use this time as an opportunity to push spreading small joys. Decorating sidewalks with motivational messages, create challenges to stay involved in your sport, writing thank-you notes to local supporters, etc. Then share how you’re encouraging physical, emotional, and spiritual health during this time so we can all stay connected.

Ask your friends

Take time to encourage your friends and family to support your volunteering by participating in challenges, liking, and sharing social media and most of all VOLUNTEERING! Even in the best of times, every volunteer can help you with the mission of Special Olympics just remind them it’s just true now—more than ever.

Need some help coming up with a plan for some new activities during quarantine? Please reach out to Carolyn Kushner (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or your field director. Stay well.