Reminder: Local Program Investment Opportunity

If your program had of invested $20,000 with Haverford Trust in January 2017, you could have earned approx. $1,700 by the end of September 2017! Compare that to a CD for the same number of months; you would have only earned approx. $150, if you could find a CD paying 1% interest.

Until 2016, the only allowable investments for local programs were CD’s, money markets, savings. Given the current interest rate environment, you have requested a better option for several years. We now have a better option to offer you.

Why Haverford Trust Company (HTC)?

  1. HTC is local to PA.
  2. HTC works with many high net worth PA-based individuals plus foundations and philanthropists that we will have access to.
  3. They were the only firm to offer a great local program solution. Others were either not interested or the cost was prohibitive.

What is HTC’s investment philosophy? HTC has developed a standard set of investment portfolios that take into account risk tolerance and goals for a portfolio. The state office and local programs all participate in the same portfolio model that buys quality stocks and bonds and holds them for the long term unless there is a significant reason to sell.

When can we invest or withdraw? Investment dates for local programs are quarterly. LP’s can invest or withdraw at the beginning of each quarter.

Is there a minimum amount to invest? Any multiple of $1,000 is an acceptable investment.

If we have additional questions, who should we contact? Susan Wyland, VP of Finance & Administration. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 610-630-9450 ext. 239