Updated Organizational “Snapshot” Documents

Fundraising Coordinators and other local program fundraisers, please feel free to utilize the following one-page ‘snapshot’ documents to promote SOPA as a whole (General Fact Sheet) or key programs like Athlete Leadership, Healthy Athletes, Young Athletes and Interscholastic Unified Sports. If your program has athletes participating in any of these programs we believe they are highly marketable to businesses looking to make an impact with a corporate gift or to individuals who may be considering a major gift. Please utilize these documents in any way that may be of assistance. For questions, or if you are seeking additional fundraising resources, please reach out direct to Eric Cushing at 610-630-9450 ext. 229.

Please Note: We recently updated our Unified Sports document to more so reflect what we are doing within schools (Interscholastic Unified Sports).  A revised Unified Sports document will be provided at a later date.

Organizational Snapshot Documents: