Small Games of Chance Licensing

The General Assembly of Pennsylvania declares the playing of small games of chance for the purpose of raising funds, by certain non-profit associations, for the promotion of charitable or civic purposes is in the public interest. The General Assembly declares that all phases of licensing, operation and regulation of games of chance be strictly controlled and rigidly enforced. Permitted games are: Punchboards, Pull-Tabs, Raffles, 50/50 Drawings, Race Night Games and Pools. Bingo requires a separate license.

A Small Games of Chance License is required for all games noted above. A SPECIAL Small Games of Chance License is required for certain games if the prize exceeds certain limits. For example: if an individual prize for a Raffles exceeds $2,000, a SPECIAL Small Games of Chance License is required in addition to the regular Small Games of Chance License. There are also total prize limits for each Small Game of Chance that may trigger the need for a SPECIAL License.

Each Small Games of Chance, has certain recordkeeping requirements, information required on the pre-printed raffle tickets etc. depending on the event, value of the individual prizes and aggregate value of all prizes.

When you are planning for a Small Games of Chance event, please contact the Finance Department (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Local Programs Staff Accountant). The Finance Department will assist in obtaining all the necessary licenses, permits, preparing disclosures (if necessary), letter writing to the appropriate government agency etc.