Athlete Leadership Update – April 2020

Athlete Representative Certifications

Athlete Representative Certifications within our database, VSys, now include checkboxes to mark status on serving on the Management Team and/or serving as the Chair of the Athlete Leadership Team. Local Programs have access to update these checkboxes within the certifications by clicking on the “Athlete Representative” certification within an individual’s VSYs profile. Local Programs are expected to update these certifications as they would other Management Team members VSYs profiles.

It’s expected that the Athlete Representative that serves on the Management Team is also the Chair of the Athlete Leadership Team, however that may not always be the case in Local Programs with multiple Athlete Representatives.

Athlete Leaders Requiring Background Checks

Athlete Leaders serving in the capacity of an Athlete Representative, Health and Fitness Coordinator and/or Athlete as Coach are required to have background checks and General Orientation, Protective Behaviors and Concussion Training completed before assuming their role

Athlete Leaders can log into the Online Portal. There, they can print and uploada completed PA Disclosure Statement to initiate the Background Checks and complete the three trainings.

Athlete Leadership University Graduation Eligibility

Starting this year, all Athlete Leaders that have completed Athlete Representative II, Global Messenger II, Healthy Lifestyles and/or Athletes as Coaches must submit their practicums by Monday, June 15th to be eligible for graduation in 2020.

Last year, most practicum report forms became electronic, so all Athlete Leaders and Mentors have to do is click on the report form for the subject that they would be eligible to graduate in:

For Athlete Leaders that have taken Athletes as Coaches, they’ll still need to do one of two things:

  • Fill out this report form and have their Head Coach or Local Program Training Coordinator sign off to acknowledge they have spent a full season serving in a coaching capacity.


  • E-mail or fax a copy of their skills certificate to Jordan Schubert (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 610-630-9456 Attn: Jordan Schubert) if they’ve attended a coaches training school before or after attending Athlete Leadership University.

The 2020 Athlete Leadership University Graduation Ceremony will be Saturday, August 29th at the Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center during the annual awards banquet at Leadership Conference.