Stride Challenge

Track Miles as You Walk, Run, or Roll Over the Course of Several Weeks

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25 Miles Individual 100 Miles Unified Pairs
50 Miles Individual 150 Miles Individual
50 Miles Unified Pairs 200 Miles Unified Pairs
100 Miles Individual 300 Unified Miles Pairs

Please Note for Individual Challenges:  If you ran, walked, or rolled more miles than the challenge you entered, it will not show up on this report.  Please check your Challenge Hound account to see your final miles. Also, the miles of some individuals may be higher than their challenge miles because they were a part of a unified pair.

  • For Example: Reese was registered for a 25 mile individual challenge and for a 50 miles pair challenge
    • Reese walked 30 miles and his partner walked 20 miles; Reese’s 30 miles will show up in his 25 miles challenge.
  • Questions? – Please email


The SONA Stride Challenge is a great way to get (and stay) active! Keep track of how many miles or kilometers you walk, run or roll in your wheelchair over the course of several weeks. #SONAStride  #PAStride

A new Spring Challenge will be coming in early March!  

Registration for the New Spring Challenge Coming Soon!  Unified Partners must be Class A volunteers to participate. Click here to become a Class A volunteer.  


Individual Athlete

Distances - Choose one (1) distance that you feel you can complete.

  • Spring Challenge Options Coming Soon!

Unified Pair - Athlete and Partner

Distances - Choose one (1) distance that you feel you and the athlete can complete. This distance is a combined total of miles walked, ran or rolled by you and your partner.

  • Spring Challenge Options Coming Soon!


  • All Coaches or Unified Partners must be Class A volunteers
  • Athletes participating in the Stride Challenge are not required to have a current SOPA athlete application (medical) on file, but will be required to sign an electronic waiver


  • Athletes may participate in one individual challenge plus one of the Unified Pairs events
  • All athletes must join an individual challenge in order to participate in a pairs challenge
  • Athlete miles will count towards the individual challenge as well as the pairs challenge


Using the registration link for the chosen distance, athletes will complete a series of questions

    • At the end of the registration page, athletes will need to click the link to join Challenge Hound


Using the registration link for the chosen distance, Partners will complete a series of questions.

    • Partners will receive two (2) links:
      • One link to join Challenge Hound
      • One link that should be given to their athlete partner to join their Challenge Hound team

Registration Without Computer Access

If you are unable to use a computer to track your mileage, Spring Stride Challenge Manual Registration and Tracking Forms will be offered.

Any Questions?  Email –


Challenge Hound

An Awesome Way to Track Group Challenges. Challenge Hound supports both individual and team challenges. For individual challenges, each participant completes the full challenge goal. For team challenges, the team’s activities are aggregated to complete the challenge goal together.


A mobile application and website that can be used to track activities using GPS data with your phone or watch. All activities logged with Strava are automatically synced to Challenge Hound.



  • Walk, Run, or Roll (wheelchair) tracking your distance and the time that it takes.
  • Activate your work-out through Strava or your Strava Connections, such as Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc.
  • If not tracking through a device, information can be entered into Challenge Hound manually.
  • Share your photos and videos via social media. #SONAStride #PAStride