Fitness Heptathlon

Train and Compete in SOPA's Newest Competition

Spring Season Runs from March 15 - May 27


The Fitness Heptathlon provides Special Olympics Pennsylvania (SOPA) participants with an opportunity to train and compete in an event comprised of 7 different fitness exercises (chosen from a full menu of 26 options). There are a wide range of offerings suited to meet the needs and interests of each individual. For competition, participants earn points based upon their performance improvement level in each exercise.  Local Programs and coaches should begin reaching out to athletes for participation.  Download our Spring Fitness Heptathlon General and Athlete Fact Sheets.  #FitHepPA


If you are interested in participating in the Fitness Heptathlon, please contact your Special Olympics local program manager. If you need additional assistance please contact


  • All Coaches or Unified Partners must be Class A volunteers
  • As a part of registering for the VIRTUAL Fitness Heptathlon, non-registered participants as well as registered Special Olympics Pennsylvania athletes with an expired medical will be required to electronically sign a release form. The PDF version of the release form can be shared with those that do not have access to technology.

  • If the non-registered individual is going to continue to participate with Special Olympics Pennsylvania as a registered athlete/Unified Partner, they must have a valid medical form prior to beginning in-person activities.


Athletes/Unified Partners may choose from 1 of the following events:

  • Single (1 athlete)
  • Pairs (2 athletes)
  • Unified Pairs (1 athlete & 1 partner)
  • Teams (4 to 10 athletes)
  • Unified Teams (4 to 10 athletes) (50% athletes)


Week 1 and Week 5

  • Participants will perform the 7 exercises and their scores will be submitted to create a baseline and for divisioning.
  • SOPA will convert the participants’ scores/times into a point value. The baseline score from Week 1 is compared with the midpoint score from Week 5. Points are assigned based upon the percentage of improvement.
  • The points earned in each of the seven exercise events are added together for the participant’s composite score.
  • Unified/Traditional Pairs or Teams: Each team member’s composite score is added together for the pairs or team composite score.

Week 10

  • Participants will perform the 7 exercises and their scores will be submitted to SOPA for final competition within their pre-set divisions.
  • Using performance improvement scoring, a participant receives a point value based upon the percentage of improvement achieved from their midpoint/divisioning score to the finals/end of season competition score for each fitness exercise.


  • Monday, March 15th by 11:59 pm – VSys Roster
  • Thursday, March 25th by 11:59 pm – Baseline Google Scoresheet
  • Thursday, April 22nd by 11:59 pm – Mid-Season Google Scoresheet
  • Thursday, May 27th by 11:59 pm – Final Google Scoresheet


  • Singles: Divisions will be based on age, gender, and composite score.
  • Unified/Traditional Pairs or Teams:
    Composite scores will be added together for a team composite score.


  • Awards will be presented by division based on the composite score.
  • Results will be announced in conjunction with the Spring Fitness Heptathlon event, June 10 - 12.