At-Home Training

Safe at-home training activities facilitated by a Class A Coach

Winter Training from Dec. 1 to March 7

What is At-Home Training?

Safe at-home activities facilitated by a Class A Coach.

  • Athletes will train from home weekly, MUST work with a coach
  • All score entry submissions will be made by the coach
  • Athletes will be provided with equipment

In addition to having Floor Hockey as a Winter At-Home Training option, athletes are encouraged to participate in the Fitness Heptathlon. Please contact your Local Program or Coach to express an interest in our winter season sports offerings.  

Click here to learn more about the Commit to Fit initiative.

Ratios, CLASS A & Athlete Requirements:

  • Ratios:

    • There will be no enforcement of ratios for AT-HOME training for the fall season
    • Coaches should ensure that the number of athletes they are working with is manageable
  • Coaching:

    • Coaches MUST BE CLASS A volunteers
    • Continue to work with your typical coaching team
      • Divide tasks and work together: Practice Planning, Managing scores and information, Connecting with athletes
  • Athlete Requirements:

    • Similar to in-person training, athletes must have current SOPA athlete application (medical) on file with the local program

What is Virtual Competition?

All of our competition for the Fall Season will be done virtually, which means we will not be coming together in person at Villanova University. Fall Festival will be held from November 6-8.

  • All events will include: Opening Ceremonies, Competition Highlights, Awards Ceremonies, Healthy Athletes, Olympic Village activities and Victory Dance
  • You can view the events on Facebook or YouTube
  • A schedule will be provided for each event, so you know when to tune in
  • We need lots of content from you and the athletes to make these events successful, so please continue to send pictures and videos upon request

How Does Scoring work?


  • Events will be conducted by the athletes at-home, they will provide scores to their coach
  • At-home training/competition will include allowances for modifications
  • Qualifying scores will be submitted by coaches to their Sport and Competition Director and then sent to the SOPA Competition Team for Divisioning
  • Final scores will be submitted by coaches to their Sport and Competition Director and then sent to the SOPA Competition Team for award placement
  • The Coaches Honor Code and Athlete Honor Code MUST be followed - final scores will not always be as good as or better than entry scores
  • Official Special Olympics medals will be awarded for Fall Festival

How Does Divisioning Work?


  • In-Person and At-Home Divisions to ensure scores are compared appropriately
  • Standard Divisioning process: ability, age, gender
  • For Fall Festival: Divisioning will be statewide