What is a “Cool School” Team?

Teams consisting of your classmates, teachers, friends, or family who get together to raise money for the Plunge!


“Cool School” Team Rules:

  • Minimum of 10 members to be eligible for team prizes
  • ALL “Cool School” team members must be pre-registered; no members may be added to the team the day of the event.
  • When creating a “Cool School” team, the name must read as follows:  School Name – Team Name
  • Students must raise at least $30, all other team members must raise a minimum of $50.
  • Participants receive an official Plunge long-sleeved t-shirt and the great feeling of “Freezin’ for a Reason.”
  • There will be a trophy awarded to the “Cool School” Team that raises the most money in each division. Divisions are as follows:

             Division 1: School Districts; Division 2: Universities/Colleges

  • The overall highest fundraising school will receive the coveted “Cool School” trophy and a grand prize TBD.

*The winner of the “Cool Schools Challenge” will be determined by the highest team total that is posted on the website as of Friday, January 5, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. (Eastern). Online donations will be credited to your team (and yourself) up to this point.   Any online donation after this deadline will still be credited towards an individual, but will not count towards their team in the Cool Schools Challenge.

All off-line donations (cash/checks) must be turned in by Wednesday, January 3rd @3:30 at New Horizon School to qualify for the “Cool Schools” Challenge. Any cash/check donations that a “Cool Schools” plunger receives after the deadline on January 3rd must be turned in to the Registration Tent on Plunge Day or at Bank Night. However, these off-line donations will not be credited towards his/her team total.


1.) First designate a person (e.g., team captain) to collect all of the cash and checks for your entire team.

2.) Next, have that designated person then turn in all team members’ checks prior to the deadline on January 3rd.

3.) Finally, have them enter one (1) on-line donation using a credit card (to account for all of the cash donations for your entire team) prior to the deadline at noon on January 5th.


Why a “Cool School” Team?

Show your school spirit, community support, hang out with friends and family, and feel good.  Plunging and fundraising is more fun in groups!  You can also get great prizes and have a great time with friends and family while supporting a good cause. It feels good to do good, especially in a group!


How do I form a “Cool School” Team?

Grab your classmates, coworkers, friends and family for a fun day in support of Special Olympics PA! Pick a team name (School Name – Team Name) and register online. Then others can join your team!


Registration"How-To" Guides:

How do I join a “Cool School” Team?

Click Cool Schools Plunge and search for a team, start your team or ask to join one!


“Cool School” Team Captains

What is a “Cool School” Team Captain?

A “Cool School” team captain serves as the liaison between the Plunge and the “Cool School” team members


The Role of a “Cool School” Team Captain:

  • Build a team of at least 10 members
  • Set a fundraising goal for your team; Work with team members to set their individual fundraising goals - $50 minimum required to Plunge (at least $30 for student plungers)
  • Provide team members with fundraising tools (supplied in this package)
  • Coach and motivate your team to success; Generate enthusiasm for the event via email, Facebook, newsletters, school announcements, etc.
  • Team captains organize and delegate team fundraising events
  • Host fundraisers
  • Stay connected with the team: Send regular emails, phone calls, meetings


How to Be a Successful “Cool School” Team Captain:

  • Ask people you like and trust to be on your team: Classmates, Sports Teams, School Organizations or Groups
  • Have a team kickoff to get things started
  • Select a Co-Captain to help you
  • Organize your team by forming committees
    • Lay out team fund-raisers on a calendar and discuss responsibilities
  • Delegate
  • Work with and support team members
  • Communicate
    • Have regular team meetings
  • Create a team newsletter
  • Phone calls or emails with updates, reminders, schedules, etc.
  • Keep your team informed of progress
  • Motivate, excite, and enthuse your team!
  • Consider developing a team theme with t-shirts and costumes
  • Have a team captain wrap up party
    • Review team activities, fund-raisers, etc. to find out what worked and what can be improved
  • Distribute any incentives for your team
  • You can even have your own team awards!
  • Start planning for next year!
  • Have FUN!

Incentives for your “Cool School” Team

  • Bragging rights as the top “Cool School” team in your division
  • A grand prize TBD
  • On Plunge Day, there will be a trophy awarded to the team that raises the most in each division
  • Divisions are as follows:
    • Division 1: School Districts
    • Division 2: Universities/Colleges