February 1 – February 26Pop

Burrr-tual (Virtual) plungers are asked to pop a cold water balloon over their head or get someone to pop it for them.  This will be an online event open to all. Join us for our Virtual Plunge Celebration on Saturday, February 27th on Special Olympics PA’s Facebook and YouTube pages.


What You Need:

What you need

Step 1: Find Your Perfect Video/Photo Spot Location

  • This is where you will do the POP! Make sure it’s outside or somewhere that you can easily clean up a water mess.

Step 2: Get Your Items ReadySet Up

  • Fill your water balloon, grab a person to record the moment, have a towel handy.

Step 3: POP!!!Water Balloon

  • Pop that water balloon! You or a family member pop it over your head. Make sure you count down so the person taking a photo knows when to click!

Step 4: Dry OffTowel

  • Dry off and get ready to review your pop!

Step 5: Share Your Pop!Computer

  • Upload your video/photos to our Dropbox by February 21st to be included in the Plunge Celebration. 
  • Share your video/photo to social and challenge others! Don’t forget to use #FreezinForAReason #PolarPopPA
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