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SOPA General Orientation Quiz

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General Orientation Quiz
1. Special Olympics athletes all have:

2. A Special Olympics participant must be at least _____ years old to train and compete.

3. Prior to training, a Special Olympics participant's _____ must be on file with his/her local Special Olympics program.

4. The name of a program that Special Olympics offers to athletes with severe or profound intellectual disabilities is ______.

5. The minimum amount of time (weeks) required within a sport season that Special Olympics participants need to train is _____.

6. In keeping with the Special Olympics philosophy, training, abiding by sport rules, divisioning, and the honest effort rule are components of a ____ approach to competition.

7. A program that combines approximately equal numbers of Special Olympics athletes and athletes without intellectual disabilities (partners) on sports teams for training and competition is called _____.

8. Three factors used in divisioning are:

9. One of the unique aspects of Special Olympics from other sports organizations is a variety of sports opportunities are provided for ____ ability levels.

10. The most important job of a volunteer is to ensure that Special Olympics athletes are in a _____ environment.