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Volunteers are the backbone of Special Olympics Pennsylvania.  We could not exist without the dedication of thousands of Pennsylvania citizens.  The time, energy and enthusiasm of volunteers fuel our movement and make our athletes’ dreams a reality. There is a place for everyone in our organization.

Special Olympics Pennsylvania is managed through 56 local programs, most of which are county or city-based.  All of our programs need a full complement of talents and skills.  However, we also offer selective opportunities for individuals unable to make a year-round commitment through our many competitions. We welcome and encourage families or groups (i.e. corporate employees, civic and fraternal organizations, and high school and college classes) to sign-up to volunteer at our local or state events!  Visit our “Get Involved” page to check out our volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Classifications:

Special Olympics Pennsylvania has two different classifications of volunteers.  They are:

Class A  A Class A volunteer is someone who is or may be in immediate contact with athletes such as coaches, Unified Sports partners, chaperones, drivers, as well as volunteers with administrative and event management team members.

Class A volunteers are required to have background checks completed before assuming their role. This will be a part of the online registration process. Class A volunteers will also be required to complete training. 

To find out “What to Expect” in completing your SOPA Class A background checks, click here.

Class B – A Class B volunteer is someone with casual or limited contact with athletes such as sub-committee members, officials, one-day volunteers, etc.  Read or download our One-Day Volunteer Expectation Brochure and/or our Expectation One-Sheet.

Those new to volunteerism with SOPA may jump ahead to start their Volunteer Registration process now, but if you’d like to review the available volunteer opportunities first, please click on “Get Involved.”

New Volunteers:

For individuals interested in becoming a new Class A or Class B volunteer.

New Volunteer Registration

Current Volunteers:

For currently registered Class A volunteers that need background checks (18 years or older only).

Current Volunteer - What to Expect

Consider Unified Sports

Special Olympics Unified Sports® creates an opportunity for people without intellectual disabilities to join in the sports experience by playing on a team with athletes with intellectual disabilities. Not only do the players all have fun, but attitude change and transformation happens on the playing field and the experiences create lifelong friendships.  Click here for more information.